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Stolen Instruments

This is a list of instruments that have been reported to us as stolen by insurance companies and individuals. If you have had an instrument stolen you are welcome to contact us and we will post it for you. If you are buying used harps, please check to make sure it is not one of these harps before you purchase the harp. If you are visiting antique stores, music dealers that aren't listed on manufacturer's lists of dealers, or pawn shops and you see a harp; it never hurts to check the serial number.



9069 Style 23 Gold, stolen from Ventura, California. Contact Signe Wilson 805.455.8707 or with any information that may lead to its recovery.

8562 Lyon & Healy Style 23, natural finish, stolen from University of Nevada, Las Vegas

23763 Ana Mahogany


1912 Aurora Mahogany


27926 Aida Mahogany


25946 Livia Mahogany


26035 Livia Mahogany


26818 Donegal Ebony


27586 Egan Mahogany




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