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Rainbow - Electric Acoustic Concert Grand, Semi Grand, and Petite Pedal Harps



The Rainbow series includes masterpieces of technology and design. The use of high-tech pickups and an accurate setting of the electronic components produces a sound that is unique in power, dynamic and versatility. The dual SLR outputs generate a perfectly stable and balanced stereo signal, void of background noise. The internal preamp can also receive Phantom Power through the audio cables, so there is no need for a battery! Two control switches allow you to change from mono to stereo mode, and from phantom to 9V battery supply. A LED light indicates when the harp is receiving power. An exclusive iridescent finish makes the RAINBOW unique and spectacular.



Height: 73


Width: 39 inches


Weight: 87.25 lbs


Soundboard Width: 21.5 inches.


Range: 47 Strings (00G- 7C)


Soundboard: Fiemme Valley Red Spruce


Finishes: Iridescent Green/Bronze*


Price: Concert Grand $27,500/ Semi Grand $22,800/ 40 String $18,900


*Other finishes including the standard wood finishes are available by special order.

Brochure of the Rainbow Electric Acoustic PedalHarp



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